My First Trip to Island Time on 4/20

On April 20 I coincidentally went to Island Time Dispensary for the first time. I didn’t even realize it was the famed stoner holiday until after I got there.

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Walking in was different from other dispensaries I’ve been to off-island. This was my first time showing my ID to a security camera before being let into the building. Once inside, I showed my ID again to an actual human being and got a free sticker with the “Island Time” logo on it. I then stood in the waiting area until a budtender became available, and the door was unlocked for me to enter the bud room. I walked up to the window, showed my ID again, and placed my order with the friendly budtender. I hadn’t ordered ahead of time, but I had checked the menu online prior to coming into the building.

cannabis paraphernalia for sale I picked one pre-roll of a sativa-dominant hybrid strain called Sour Tropicanna. I like sativas because they are typically better for being active and productive, in my case anyway. Everyone reacts differently to different types of cannabis. I also selected an indica dominant joint, for a time when I want to relax. This one was called Baked Zkittles. Finally, I picked up a five-pack of sour apple-flavored gummies, which are 3.65 mg of THC per dose. That’s a lovely light dose for an average person. I could probably eat two or more and be fine but it’s best to start “low and slow,” especially if you’re not a regular consumer.

dino tracks
Follow the (dinosaur) feet that lead the way out!

It’s nice to be able to go to the dispensary and pick up a joint from a local establishment after work or choose a selection of special goodies while entertaining friends who are visiting. It’s not so different from going for a glass of wine after a long day or opening a bottle to entertain friends. I’ll definitely be going back to Island Time again.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Island Time prices; for some reason, I had assumed dispensaries on the Vineyard would have the island upcharge like most other things. I thought it might be even more expensive to buy weed from a dispensary on the Vineyard than on the mainland. However, I now realize that all the cannabis sold at the dispensaries here must be produced on-island, so that might account for balancing out the cost. Like all other dispensaries in the state, there’s a 20% tax on all product that’s not shown in the total on the price menu.

After I paid, I exited the building through a back door and headed back to my car. Outside in the parking lot, someone wished me “Happy Holidaze!”